Watchdeals is all about quality and service. Watchdeals works together with a number of distinguished jewelers, and is established in cities like Rotterdam and Maastricht in Holland and Antwerp in Belgium. Our collection is divided over these locations. Please check the exact location of our watches by contacting us.

We are a reliable contact to purchase your high end watches as all our watches are brand new, are complete with original box and papers and have the full manufacturers warranty, starting on the day of purchase. If different, it is clearly marked. If we offer a fine pre-owned watch, than we also clearly mention this.

All our watches are presented by European, mainly Dutch jewellery stores. A VAT invoice is possible and if you are able to buy tax-free we can provide you with the needed global-blue documents.

Of course we can ship our watches, after receiving a bank transfer, but pick-up is preferred. Shipping to most Asian countries is done on a weekly base. The US can cause some issues due to import regulations concerning branded watches.

Please do not hesitate contact us with your questions or orders and feel free to visit our website for more information about our collection.


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