Watches of Team Chrono24: Johannes

Apr 15, 2019
Watches of Team Chrono24: Johannes


The “Watches of Team Chrono24” series gives us the opportunity to share our watches, their corresponding stories, and our passion with you.


Johannes, Human Resources


Watches of Team Chrono24: Johannes


What watch are you wearing?

I’m wearing a Swiss Military Hanowa Worldtimer.


Why did you choose this watch?

Two Christmases ago, I wanted to gift myself a new watch and discovered this model after a bit of searching. I generally find world time watches both attractive and technically fascinating. I like this watch, in particular, because it has a nice weight and is comfortable to wear. When I tried it on, I knew I wanted it straight away.


What have you experienced with this watch?

Since I wore this watch nearly every day in the beginning, I’ve experienced everyday life as well as special occasions with it on my wrist. For example, I wore it during the entire interview process at Chrono24 – it seems to have brought me good luck.


What fascinates you about watches in general?

There are so many watches that have their own stories; either a story to do with their brand, model, or the watch itself. I think the connection between the Omega Speedmaster and the Moon landing is the most famous story out there, but a watch can also carry a personal story from the past of an individual or entire family. There’s so much more to watches than just sophisticated engineering and mechanics or even material value – I think that’s great.


Watches of Team Chrono24: Johannes


What was your first watch?

A plain and simple everyday watch with a leather band from Ben Sherman. It definitely wasn’t a luxury watch, but it’s what got me interested in watches. I bought it one New Year’s Day in London, and ever since I’ve paid attention to what others are wearing on their wrists and have read a lot about watches. It’s become a passion of mine and I’ve started a small collection that I hope to expand…


What is your “grail” watch?

That would definitely be a Rolex Explorer I. I really like how it looks, especially the design of the hour hand. I also find the adventurous stories associated with the watch interesting – particularly the first Mount Everest ascent.


What watch would you like to buy next?

The Longines HydroConquest Automatic – I’d like to gift myself this watch as a reward for making it through my probationary period at Chrono24. I also like Oris and Junghans watches, but I’m looking to add a diving watch to my collection.


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Apr 15, 2019
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