Watches of Team Chrono24: Tony

May 13, 2019
Watches of Team Chrono24: Tony


The “Watches of Team Chrono24” series gives us the opportunity to share our watches, their stories, and our passion with you.


Tony, App Development


What watch are you wearing?

A 43-mm TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph.


What made you choose this watch?

I happened upon this watch when I was testing the 5.0 Android app last May and immediately fell in love; not only because it was within my budget and looked good, but also because the colors coordinated well with the tattoo on my left arm. Once the app was released globally, I bought it on Chrono24 as a reward for all the hard work.


Do you have any other watches?

No. This is the first watch I’ve owned since childhood. It wasn’t until I came to Chrono24 that I began to pay more attention to watches – and quickly developed an interest. If you aren’t already a watch fan when you start here, you’ll quickly pick up the bug from your coworkers. There are usually at least two or three people looking at or discussing someone’s watch at any given time. In the beginning, I would just listen in and try to figure out the basics: What characteristics set watches apart? Which watch is the most expensive/complicated/flashy? Then I started gradually joining in the discussions. I don’t wear any other jewelry. It wasn’t until I spoke with other “Chronos” that I realized how much emotion and meaning these complex pieces of art carry with them.


Do you have a favorite brand or type of watch?

I think Hautlence watches are very interesting. There’s something different about their angular looks and visible movements; almost like a picture frame or screen into a parallel universe of orderly gears and small parts. I’m a person who always wants to figure out how things work, so this type of watch could keep me busy for a long time.


What fascinates you about watches in general?

The union of technology and aesthetics – all together in such a small, delicate object. I think it’s unbelievable how diverse and unique watches can be in terms of mechanics and design when they all essentially do the same thing: tell the time.


Watches of Team Chrono24: Tony


What watch would you like to buy next?

I’m playing around with the idea of buying a Nomos Autobahn Neomatik. My colleagues kept mentioning the brand and model, but I wasn’t that impressed at first. However, I’ve since learned to appreciate its elegance and simplicity. It defies my tendency to search for visually complex pieces, and it exudes a certain sense of calm. I think the gentle depressions and elevations on the dial are a fantastic design element, especially on the white models, where the contrasts are almost exclusively provided by the shape and surface texture. I like to imagine that the astronauts in Kubrick’s “2001” wore watches like this. They look like precise instruments from a future that never came to be.

I also like the Raketa Petrodvorets, because the dial starts with zero, which should be the case for any sensible time period, in my opinion.


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May 13, 2019
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